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"On this page I will be displaying photos
of some of the feral cats that I am feeding"
They eat and they leave!

However, we have befriended some as kittens,
three live indoors with me now and my son has five,
they are safe and no longer feral or homeless.

Cat on Branch
"All of these cats we have had neutered.and spayed"
(It's the only way to stop over population of homeless felines)
*They have also been vaccinated*

This kitty was feral but lost a fight
with another cat when he was
3 yrs. old

Feral Cat
This is a feral mother cat
We had trouble catching her but
we finally did, she was having
kittens twice a year

Feral Cat
He was finally accepted into the colony

Feral Kitten
Kitten asleep in empty flower pot

Feral Kitten
Hiding behind weeds
Feral Kitten
Afraid of everyone and everything

Feral Cat
Waiting for some food

Feral Kittens
Couple of young kittens eating

Feral cat
Is it morning already?
Hit by a car and died 9/08.

Feral Cat
Love the colors of her fur.

Feral Kittens
Mother Cat

Feral cat
Her Baby

Feral Cat
Caught him on a yawn

Feral Kittens
Baby Kitten (died 7/09)

Feral kitten first meeting
First Meeting

New Kitten
New Baby Kitten 7/09

Napping in Pot
Enjoying a nice nap.
All grown up
This is baby kitten above
all grown up

Our Kitten
We befriended this kitten, she
had no friends and caught a cold.
We took her in and nursed her back
to health and just look at her now.
She loves us and we love Yoyo.
She has everything she could ever want
and is no longer a feral, she has a loving home.

Adult feral cats, that were never socialized with humans, can rarely be socialized.
Feral kittens can sometimes be socialized to live with humans. The ideal time for
capture is between six and eight weeks old. Taming at this age may take only a
couple of days.
Older kittens can be tamed - but it takes longer. Also, an older kitten may bond
only with the person working with them, which can make adoption difficult, but not

Feral cats may live alone but are usually found in large groups called feral colonies.
The average life span of a feral cat that survives beyond kittenhood is usually cited
as being less than two years, while a domestic housecat lives an average of
12 to 16 years.
However, feral cats aged 19 (Cat Action Trust) and 26 (Cats Protection)
have been reported where food and shelter are available.

Last year I also had five feral cats but all were poisoned.
It was so sad to see them, one by one they came here to die.
We took them to the vet but he told us their was nothing he could do.
Including kittens that had nursed from their poisoned mother.

Please support the Humane Society of the United States
Humane Society

Also please visit and help our little friends at the following website,
they really need our help.
Animal Rescue click here
The Animal Rescue Site
"Cats leave paw prints on your heart"

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