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"This is page #2 of our feral cats and some rescued"

Cat on Branch
*Some cats have been here awhile so they now
trust us, some we can even touch*

"All of these cats we have had neutered or spayed"
(It's the only way to stop over population of homeless felines)

A sad story with a happy ending....

We had a situation here where a lady would come by at night
and feed the feral cats dry food. One night my son talked to her, what
she was doing was trying to trap them to take them
to be neutered/altered.
Now we appreciated that, however, their was a pregnant cat and she
knew it and was waiting for her to pop. The cat had her babies and at
one day old brought 6 very tiny kittens to our enclosed patio.
That night she never came home, the next morning my son and I couldn't
understand what had happened to her, we put the kittens in a warm box
upon seeing she wasn't going to return, we took the kittens in.
I bought baby formula, little bottles w/nipples and began to
feed them. Of course they had no ears or eyes opened yet. Must say my
son did all the work. He read everything their was to read on the internet on
"how to hand raise kittens."
On the third day she was back, seemed disoriented, didn't recognize the kittens
and just seemed lost, could not sit still anywhere.
The lady had taken
her away to be fixed, we know cause her tummy was shaved and the ear was
marked. I hope that lady never comes back here again, cause
we will give her a piece of our minds. She knew this mama cat had the babies
and how could she take her away just like that, she didn't care that her babies
would not survive without her. Well the laugh is on her, we lost two of them but
we saved the other four and not only that but we are keeping them for ourselfs.
They are almost three months now and just precious, of course they think my
son is their mama.....they are healthy, strong and enjoying our home.
No Longer Feral...

Feral Cat
This is the feral mother the day she
brought the kittens here

Feral Cat
We survived!

Kittens are born blind, deaf and weak; they can crawl only a few inches at a time. Shorthair kittens begin to open their eyes at 5-8 days. Longhair kittens do not open their eyes until 10-14 days. At three weeks, the ears will be completely erect and they can hear a little bit, but they do not orientate to sound yet. They also will have the newly-found ability to purr. Their baby teeth are starting to come in, which will make the mother cat increasingly more reluctant to feed them. Weaning should begin at four weeks of age. At twenty-five days, they will be walking on all four legs
Squirrel feeder works extremely well

My son feeding another baby
Look how proud he looks, only 2 months

They are healthy and strong

Play, play and more play

We lost this little one

Salem in patio
Salem just sitting in the patio.

Yoyo tired after playing with
the kittens all day

One of the new feral kittens
Update 2011: She has stayed
with us and is now here all the time..

Feral Cat
Feral cat enjoys napping in this pot. 2010
Update 2011: Still comes to eat here.
Update 2013: He has now disappeared.

This is Junior
We befriended Junior and Jersey and
now they even come in the house sometimes.
I love these two cats.

This is Jersey
We had them fixed, shots and
Advantage applied for fleas
We consider them our cats.

This is Jelly
This is Jelly the third kitten we
befriended, she follows me around.
Special needs kitten.
These pics 8/2010

Jelly again
Jelly was born with a birth defect.
She cannot jump, wabbles when
she walks, only sits or lays down.
Condition got worse, she went to kitty heaven.

Tom Cat
This is Tom Cat, he has been here for
awhile now. No other Tom is allowed, he
chases them away. Waiting for food.

New Kittens
A mama cat brought her two kittens
and made herself at home in our back patio.
She is friendly but not the kittens.
Just look at these gorgeous kittens.
Gold one stayed the other disappeared..
She is a sweet kitten. 12/10

Isn't Pixel cute?
We had him fixed and he get's
along perfectly with the other two cats.

He has such a pretty color.
Took awhile for him to make
friends with us. Don't know what
happened to their mother.

This cutie we call Oreo.
This is in our back patio.
Somehow they find us.

Pixel was younger here, I just
found this picture and had to
put it up.
He knows his name very well.

Here we have Sasha. 2013
He just appeared here age 3 months
hiding in our backyard. We soon became
good friends, since he was so little and
now we are one happy family.

Spider came as a little kitten,
age about 3 months. 2013
His mother brought him and
disappeared. He is so friendly with us
again, we are a happy family.

Our Kitten
Of course I, Yoyo, have to be in every page! I'm spoiled
Sweet Yoyo

"2016" No updates because we have had no new cats and no new kittens
since we had all of the cats that came here fixed six years ago.
All the cats are living happily here, they get fed breakfast and dinner, they
also get treats. We have bedding for them in places where we know
they like to sleep and a couple of cat towers that they like to climb
and sleep in. We apply Advantage for fleas. All are beautiful healthy cats.
"2017" Still no new cats, same cats still come to eat and some sleep here
in our patios, especially when it's raining.

Please support the Humane Society of the United States
Humane Society

Also please visit and help our little friends at the following website,
they really need our help.
Animal Rescue click here
The Animal Rescue Site
"Cats leave paw prints on your heart"

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