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~Kitty and Me Welcome Thee~

"Please visit my "feral/homeless cats page" to see pictures
of some of the cats that I am feeding
and little stories about them"

Cat Lover Gifts

Visit my Homeless Cats
Feral Cats

Hello friends,

You guessed it I am a cat lover!
I have been making cats for many years.
First it was ceramic cats, my hubby and I poured
into our own molds and fired them in our 3 kilns.
Then wood, again hubby cut all my wood for me
and we would go to art festivals on weekends
especially San Fernando Valley, CA,
Eventually shiffed over to making soft cat dolls.
Perhaps they were my favorites.
Have sold in many gift shops, art festivals and now on line.
I hope you find something you like here
on my website, I am trying to bring you a
variety of cat related items.

Money all goes to feed my feral cats.
All ferals that come here we have spayed
and neutered. Some female cats were having
kittens twice a year, just not fair or healthy for them.
Some kittens would survive some would die.
We feed them breakfast and dinner daily.
Treats in-between, we do spoil them as much as possible.
Sometimes we have as many as 25 other times only 10 or 12.
They move on, get run over by cars and some poisoned.

if you have any questions.

TO ORDER: Just add items to
the cart and you may pay by PayPal, of course also accept money orders.

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